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Dmitry Tsoy iNsight Mixes добавлен 31.01.10 05:53

Стили: Tech House, Progressive Trance
Продолжительность: 118:32
BPM: 87 – 131
Размер файла: 162.8 Мб
Формат: MP3, 192...

Dmitry Tsoy iNsight Mixes добавлен 25.01.10 04:48

That is all the higher tunes you wanna listen from progressive trance to tech house, UK Garage and techno featuring Funkagenda, U2, Marco V, Nick...

Dmitry Tsoy iNsight Mixes добавлен 14.01.10 06:25

The biggest tunes of 2010
1. Sander Van Doorn - Renegade Trance Energy 2010 Anthem (Dmitry Tsoy Remix)
2. Starsign -Taurus (Vocal...

Dmitry Tsoy iNsight Mixes добавлен 06.01.10 09:00

В Шанхае на интернет - аукционе (аналог Amazon) купил портативную USB MIDI клаву Korg Naonokey...

Dmitry Tsoy iNsight Mixes добавлен 02.01.10 08:05

The biggest dance tunes of progressive house, tech house, tribal, minimal techno, nu disco, nu jazz,...

1. David West & Ida Endberg...

Dmitry Tsoy iNsight Mixes добавлен 30.12.09 05:02

Top 10 tunes of January 2010 - Tech house, tech trance, progressive house, progressive trance, minimal...

1. Pete Griffiths - Speak The...

Dmitry Tsoy iNsight Mixes добавлен 28.12.09 07:30

mashup remix of great freak tunes by English techno punk & Jayz hip hop w/ Alicia...

Dmitry Tsoy iNsight Mixes добавлен 17.12.09 06:49

The biggest remixes and tunes of progressive, tech house, tech trance, techno, minimal techno, pls try new set with biggest tech & prog remixes...

Dmitry Tsoy iNsight Mixes добавлен 07.12.09 05:51

Top December tunes of progressive, trance, tech house.


Dmitry Tsoy
1. Funkagenda - Afterclub (Dmitry Tsoy ft. Ira M vocal remix)...

Dmitry Tsoy iNsight Mixes добавлен 07.12.09 01:20

Original track album: Toolroom Knights mixed by Funkagenda. Single TB released: Dec 2009.
Label: Toolroom...


Dmitry Tsoy

Dmitry Tsoy is a Russian Moscow – based DJ and producer mostly addicted to progressive, tech house and trance. He is famous for as former drummer and promoter to Hong Kong -based TV Channel (MTV) channel of the Russian rock super group Mummiytroll (1996-98) and his iNsight Mix weekly shows playing in Russian clubs, Play.FM, Vienna –based popular DJ radio channel in Europe, Steve Holland Sessions podcasts (UK), Alex Berse’s A World of Trance podcasts (Germany), iTunes podcasting and he will soon produce own tracks this year soon. Play.FM (Vienna) radio shows: ссылка iTunes podcast: ссылка ссылка Facebook Group: ссылка Last FM: ссылка ссылка

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  • Dmitry Tsoy iNsight Mixes progressive, uplifting trance, tech, deep house tunes mixed by DJ & producer Dmitry Tsoy - iNsight...