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progressive, uplifting trance, tech, deep house tunes mixed by DJ & producer Dmitry Tsoy - iNsight podcasts updated weekly @ Play.FM - the best DJ online radio, YouRadio & DI.FM.

Every Thursday LONDON time at 10:00 PM or
at 1:00 AM on Friday in MOSCOW,
at 5:00 PM in NYC,
at 2:00 PM in US Pacific,
and at 5:00 AM on Friday in China,
you could listen to this radisoshow on air broadcasting by YouRadio FM


Dmitry Tsoy

Dmitry Tsoy is a Russian Moscow – based DJ and producer mostly addicted to progressive, tech house and trance. He is famous for as former drummer and promoter to Hong Kong -based TV Channel (MTV) channel of the Russian rock super group Mummiytroll (1996-98) and his iNsight Mix weekly shows playing in Russian clubs, Play.FM, Vienna –based popular DJ radio channel in Europe, Steve Holland Sessions podcasts (UK), Alex Berse’s A World of Trance podcasts (Germany), iTunes podcasting and he will soon produce own tracks this year soon. Play.FM (Vienna) radio shows: ссылка iTunes podcast: ссылка ссылка Facebook Group: ссылка Last FM: ссылка ссылка

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